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Long title

The title of a bill which sets out in general terms the purposes of the bill. It must encompass all aspects of the bill and if the bill is amended it may be necessary to amend the long title to reflect those changes.

Compare: short title.

Legislative agenda

The Government’s legislative plans for the session. In many Parliaments this is set out in a throne speech although the Government is free to modify its legislative plans without notice during the course of the session.


The laws enacted by or on the authority of Parliament. These include orders, regulations and other statutory instruments adopted as a result of power delegated by Parliament to a variety of Government departments, boards and independent bodies and institutions.

Compare: delegated legislation.

Leave (of the House)

Approval of all Members present. Required when the House wishes to set aside its rules or usual practices without notice. Actions taken by unanimous consent do not constitute precedents.

Synonym: unanimous consent.

Leader of the Opposition

The leader of the party with the second largest membership in the House of Representatives.

Leader of the House

The Minister responsible for managing the Government’s business in the House of Representatives, including the negotiations with the Opposition Chief Whip.

Lay on the table

The official presentation of papers, reports and other documents to the Parliament. This involves the actual putting of copies of such material on the Table.


The termination of a matter before the House due to the expiration of a prescribed time limit or the prorogation/dissolution of Parliament.