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Notice of Motion (Papers)

A notice issued by the Clerk of the House/Senate announcing the intention of a Private Member to move a motion on a given day, in accordance with the rules of the House.

Notice of motion

An written announcement of an intention to bring a substantive proposal before the House. Depending on the type of motion and who is moving it, the notice period varies.

No-confidence motion

A motion which, if adopted, indicates that the Government has lost the confidence of the House of Representatives. The Government then either resigns or requests the Governor-General to dissolve Parliament and issue a writ for the holding of a general election.

Negative resolution

In an Act, this expression, when used in relation to any regulation, means that the regulation shall be laid before the House and, within a prescribed period of time, may be annulled by a resolution of the House.

Compare: affirmative resolution.

Naming a Member

A disciplinary procedure used by the Speaker/President of the Senate to maintain order in the House. The Speaker/President of the Senate names a Member for persistently disregarding the authority of the Chair. He or she uses the personal name of the Member, rather than the name of the Member’s electoral district, and the Member is then usually suspended from the service of the House for the rest of the sitting.