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The period between the ending of one session (prorogation) and the beginning of the next. Also used in reference to a long adjournment.

Distinguish: adjournment of the House; suspension of a sitting.

Quorum call

To draw the attention of the Speaker/President of the Senate (or the chairman, in a committee) to the absence of a quorum; the business under consideration in the House is interrupted and if a quorum is not established, the House adjourns.


The number of Members, excluding the Speaker/President, necessary to constitute a meeting of the House for the exercise of its powers. In the House of Representatives, it is set by the Constitution at 12; in the Senate it is 10.

Questions to Ministers

An Order Paper Item during which the Government responds to oral questions printed on the Order Paper. Questions for written reply appear as an appendix to the Order Paper and when answered are removed from the Order Paper.

Question of privilege

See: breach of privilege.


The matter before the House or a committee, about which it is called upon to make a decision. When the House is ready to come to a decision, the Speaker says “The Question is … All in favour say…”