Antigua & Barbuda

Written question

See: Questions to Ministers

Writ of election

A writ issued by the Chief Electoral Officer in order to institute an election in a specific electoral district.


A person invited to appear before a committee to present an opinion on a particular topic or to provide technical advice with respect to a bill. While testifying, witnesses enjoy the same privilege of freedom of speech as Members.

White paper

A document tabled in the House presenting Government policy in a given area. It may contain legislative or administrative proposals on which the Government intends to act.

Distinguish: green paper.


The Member charged with keeping other Members of the same party informed concerning House business and ensuring their attendance in the House, especially when a vote is anticipated. In Antigua and Barbuda this function is usually added to those of the Leader of the House, in the case of the ruling party. In the House of Representatives, the Opposition Chief Whip usually sits at the head of the Opposition front bench directly opposite the Leader of the House.