Antigua & Barbuda

Laws or Acts of Parliament By Volume Revised Edition 1992

Volume 1

Cap.01 Abolition of Minimum Punishments Act 1882
Cap.02 Abolition of Unnecessary Oaths Act 1864
Cap.03 Absconding Debtors Act 1977
Cap.04 Accessories and Abettors Act 1887
Cap.05 Acetate of Lead (Prohibition) Act 1850
Cap.06 Administration of Estates by Consulars Officers Act 1941
Cap.07 Administration of Insolvent Estates Act 1887
Cap.08 Administration of Small Estates Act 2004 2004
Cap.09 Adoption of Children Act 1944
Cap.10 Aerodromes Act 1952
Cap.11 Age of Majority Act 1984
Cap.13 Agricultural Small Holdings (Regulation of Rentals) Act 1953
Cap.12 Agricultural Small Holdings Act 1939
Cap.14 Aid to Pioneer Industries Act 1950
Cap.15 Alfred Challenger (Special Gratuity and Pension) Act 1966
Cap.16 Aliens Restriction Act 1929
Cap.18 Animals (Diseases and Importation) Act 1953
Cap.19 Animals (International Movement and Disease) Act 1987
Cap.17 Antibiotics and Therapeutic Substances Act 1951
Cap.25A Antigua and Barbuda (Development Loan) Act 2002 2002
Cap.20 Antigua and Barbuda Agricultural Development Corporation Act 1979
Cap.21 Antigua and Barbuda Brazil Co-operation (Ratification of Agreement) Act 1986
Cap.23 Antigua and Barbuda Constitution Order 1981
Cap.24 Antigua and Barbuda Development Bank Act 1974
Cap.25 Antigua and Barbuda Development Corporation Limited (Guarantee of Indebtedness) Act 1976
Cap.26 Antigua and Barbuda Electricity Board (Declaration of Pensionable Offices) Act 1959
Cap.27 Antigua and Barbuda Labour Code 1975
Cap.05B The Accreditation Act 2006 2006