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Division list

A list giving the results of a recorded division.


A vote; the dividing of the members into the ayes and nays in order to reach a decision.


The bringing to an end of a Parliament, either at the conclusion of its five-year term or by proclamation of the Governor-General It is followed by a general election.

Compare: prorogation.

Discussion paper

See: green paper.

Discharge an order

To cancel an order previously made by the House, often with a view to presenting some alternative. The order for second reading of a bill must be discharged before the subject matter of the bill can be referred to a committee.

Compare: rescind a resolution.

Dilatory motion

A superseding motion designed to dispose of the original question before the House, either for the time being or permanently. Motions to adjourn the debate and motions to adjourn the House are examples of dilatory motions.

Die on the Order Paper

To remain on the Order Paper at the end of a session without a final decision having been taken. Motions and bills which “die” are lost and are not proceeded with further, unless they are re-introduced in the next session.

Compare: lapse

Definite matter of urgent public importance

A topic which a member requests to have discussed before the sitting is adjourned. It is left to the discretion of the Speaker to agree that the matter is definite, urgent and of public importance.

Deputy Speaker

Title given to the Member elected by the House of Representatives to this office. The Deputy Speaker replaces the Speaker when the latter is unavoidably absent.

Delegated legislation

Regulations made by Ministries, Departments, Independent Institutions or agencies by virtue of the power conferred on them by some Act of Parliament. Delegated legislation are usually reviewed by the Statutory Instruments Committee of the Senate before laying.

Synonym: subordinate legislation.

Compare: legislation.

Debatable motion

A motion which, because of its substantive nature or procedural importance, is subject to debate before being put to a vote.