Statutory Instruments [SI]


Resolution of the House of Representatives Ratifying the who Framework Convention on Tobacco Control 2006
Securities (Uncertificated Securities) Regulations 2006
Embarkation Tax Regulations, 2006 2006
Notice by the Minister Under Section 52 of the Property Tax Act, 2006 2006
Regulations Made by the Minister of Finance in Exercise of the Powers Conferred Upon Him by Section 58 of the Antigua and Barbuda Sales Tax Act, 2006 2006
Securities (Discipline) (Amendment) Regulations 2006
Securities (Foreign Securities and Intermediaries) Regulations, 2006 2006
Stamp (Antigua and Barbuda) (Diana Princess of Wales 1961-1997) Order, 2010 2010
Stamp (Antigua and Barbuda) (National Parks) Order, 2006 2006